ADT Apprenticeship

A free program for Maui’s youth that started in September 1, 2013, the ADT Apprenticeship offers pre-professional, student dancers a place to challenge themselves by experiencing the professional dance world before leaving school. This is a supplemental dance education program that incorporates the apprentice to train alongside ADT company members in rehearsals and participate in performances.

This is a one-year commitment for a junior or senior in high school who is exploring or actively pursuing a professional career in dance. Apprenticeships are fluid in design, and very much influenced by the selected youth each year. The apprentice will be paired with an ADT company member as their mentor, with whom they will envision how their apprenticeship will take form - whether focusing solely on dance as a choreographer, performer, or also delving into the administrative aspect of what it takes to run a professional company.

The apprentice selection process includes a dance audition and online form that must be submitted by 5pm Sunday, September 30. 


Ashley Krost

ADT Apprentice, Fall 2014 - Summer 2017

"I feel so lucky to be a part of ADT.  ADT is pure inspiration, innovation, and creativity; and to be surrounded by such amazing people that make all of it happen is truly inspiring. I get to learn and dance alongside my greatest role models, and they have shared with me the ability to inspire others. ADT has given me a peek into the professional world, and has allowed me to take my dance training to the next level. It is so hard to put into words what ADT means to me, because it means everything."

Photos by Ajja DeShayne

Apprentice Audition Form

Applicants must submit the online form below by 5:00pm Sunday, September 30 to be considered for the 2018-2019 ADT Apprenticeship. Additionally, applicants must attend the Apprentice Audition at Omori studios at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center on Sunday September 30 from 1-2pm (doors open 12:45pm). Applicants should be prepared for an intermediate/advanced level class with a contemporary dance focus. More information on the audition on our Events Calendar.

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We will address these questions at the audition on Sunday, Sept 30.
There is a $12 audition fee that is due at the time of the audition, Sunday, Sept 30. Does this affect your ability to audition?
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