Founded in 2013 by Amelia Couture, Hallie Hunt, Vanessa Cerrito, and Nicole Humphrey, ADT aspires to create groundbreaking work in Hawai'i that sparks new energy in the dance community. By producing original works of art, ADT is using dance to address a specific need in its community for a permanent residence for dance artists. In order to address this need, Adaptations Dance Theater will share new works to enthrall audience members of diverse backgrounds and ages. In so doing, we foster an environment for future art advocates and participants in Hawai'i. ADT is proud to be a part of the vibrant art community on Maui and strives to contribute to the creativity and education of future dancers and art advocates.


Through creativity, collaboration and performance, Adaptations Dance Theater seeks to inspire and develop a culturally-dynamic and continually growing community of dance on Maui, Hawai'i.


We strive to contribute to and sustain the art movement in Hawai'i by offering a home to professional, contemporary dancers, whether trained locally or abroad.

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Dori Smith, President
Maren McBarnet, Vice President
Chelsea Fine, Treasurer
Jen Cox, Secretary & Executive Director

Zachary Franks
Nicole Humphrey
Hallie Hunt
Kelly McHugh


Paul Janes-Brown, President Emeritus

Kimberly Krost, Director Emeritus

Nicole Humphrey, Founding President Emeritus


Header photo by Ajja DeShayne