The ADT Apprenticeship Program began September 1, 2013. The program is designed to offer pre-professional dancers a place to challenge themselves  by stepping into the professional dance world before leaving school. This is a supplemental dance education program and the dancers chosen for the apprenticeship are expected to maintain the highest level of commitment to their respective studios.  Apprentices are invited to train alongside company members and to participate in rehearsals and performances.  Dancers are chosen for this program by audition only. This program is absolutely free of charge, all you need is commitment and talent!

"I feel so lucky to be a part of ADT.  ADT is pure inspiration, innovation, and creativity; and to be surrounded by such amazing people that make all of it happen is truly inspiring. I get to learn and dance alongside my greatest role models, and they have shared with me the ability to inspire others. ADT has given me a peek into the professional world, and has allowed me to take my dance training to the next level. It is so hard to put into words what ADT means to me, because it means everything."
~Ashley Krost
ADT Apprentice, Fall 2014- Summer 2017

If you are interested in the ADT apprenticeship program, please contact to discuss opportunities.

Header photo by Ajja DeShayne & page photo by Trish Barker Photography