As part of Bring it Home 2019, ADT will be hosting several open company classes led by our guest artists! Drop by Alexander Academy (AAPA) and join us in some exciting movement classes before we enter our rehearsals. Come dance with us!

Price: $15 each class
Location: Alexander Academy of Performing Arts

Open company class with Nathaniel Hunt
Saturday the 6th July 1-2:30pm

Nathaniel Hunt, founder and artistic director of The Nathaniel Hunt Project, graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Dance from Long Island University - Brooklyn. He studied as a scholarship student at The Ailey School, Earl Mosley’s Institute for the Arts, and Joffrey Ballet School. Nathaniel is a recipient of a Maryland Distinguished Scholar of the Arts award. His choreographic and guest artist teaching highlights include Bucknell University, Adaptations Dance Theater, Santa Fe College, and Maui Performing Arts Academy. He has been a member of Ailey II, Ballet Hispanico, Company XIV, Adaptations Dance Theater, Diversity of Dance, MBDance; and is currently performing with the Metropolitan Opera.

Class Description:
Nathaniel’s contemporary class focuses on the awareness, quality, and growth of one's movement and artistic voice. It challenges dancers of all types and backgrounds to find more possibilities within themselves.

He guides dancers to access ease and fluidity, to understand that the body, as a beautiful vessel, has natural curves working in sequence with one another. Nathaniel exploits the concept of infinite cyclical energy to assist dancers, in finding the full space within and beyond the walls of one's skin and confront exhaustion.

A warm-up consists of spinal manipulation, extremity articulation, and core engagement to connect the dancers into the space. He utilizes ballet vocabulary and Horton technique to emphasize correct anatomical alignment while ensuring safety and longevity.

After the body is stretched, maximizing its full range of motion, a movement phrase is then explored challenging the dancers technically and creatively. The choreographic phrase is given as a tool to deepen specificity in execution, coordination, and memory. Class combinations derive from either one of two movement themes (1) balancing momentum and flow with heavy emphasis on transitioning through each movement or (2) reflecting and enhancing the dynamic qualities within a particular song; as a result, refining the dancer’s ear to accentuate musicality and precision.

From the beginning of every class dancers are: encouraged to find their own voice within the given material, asked to be patient and supportive with oneself, and challenged to trust their own inner flame that can never be tainted, stolen, or extinguished.