As part of Bring it Home 2019, ADT will be hosting several open company classes led by our guest artists! Drop by Alexander Academy (AAPA) and join us in some exciting movement classes before we enter our rehearsals. Come dance with us!

Price: $15 each class
Location: Alexander Academy of Performing Arts

Open company class with Kelsey Greenway
Saturday the 13th July 1-2:30pm

Kelsey is a Brooklyn-based performance artist, researcher, connection-seeker. She holds a BA in Cognitive Science from Vassar College and was a 2017 Fulbright Scholar for Dance Research and Choreography in Tel Aviv. Research informs her creative pursuits—seeking to turn seemingly meaningless figures into something relatable, human, embodied. She is dedicated to doing the "unsexy" work essential to creating safe, restorative art. Her work has been presented in theaters, galleries, and DIY spaces including: the Almacén Cultural Center (TLV), Mark Morris, Arts on Site, Hart Bar and SMUSH Gallery (NJ). Kelsey currently works as a freelance dance artist, performing with The Movement Playground and HEIDCO as a founding company member.

Class Description:
Class begins with a guided, release-based warmup with emphasis on somatic awareness, finding efficiency, and connection to space within and between bodies. Exercises accumulate into longer phrase work. We will focus our intentions not on reproduction of ‘correct’ steps, but in finding the never-ending possibilities and approaches to the same action. The goal is to allow ease between our technical-selves and ourselves, the boundaries between the two blurred according to the day, the hour, the minute, the mood.