Join ADT and Akari Ueoka for a workshop on Izanai Yosakoi

About Yosakoi "(Yo-sah-koi) means, “Good World Has Come. It is an annual dance festival originated in my hometown, Kochi, Japan after the Second World War to encourage the town’s spiritual and economic recovery. Yosakoi united people and generated new hope

Today, 15,000 dancers from all walks of life dance for four consecutive days in the month of August. Each dance group can have up to 150 dancers and can have its own music, choreography, and costume. The whole town becomes a festival venue. I grew up being a part of the festival."
-Akari Ueoka

Izanai Yosakoi is an electric and energetic dance form and we recommend that you be ready and able to move with energy and enthusiasm!

Pre-registration: $12
Pay at the door: $15