Audition for Bring it Home!

Adaptations Dance Theater's annual summer dance concert that brings home dance artists from or with close ties to Maui. 

what are we casting?: We are casting three new original works.
when?: Sunday March 17th 12-2pm. Please come early to warm up and fill out short form. (Or fill it out now at the bottom of this page, but still come early)
where?: 870 Haliimaile Rd at Alexander Academy of Performing Arts. 
who is this for?: ADT is looking for professional contemporary dancers with extensive dance training and performance experience. Must be proficient in contemporary, partnering and improvisation. Other dance forms a plus. Audition will consist of a short warm up, fast paced advanced choreography and improvisational techniques. Must be over 18.

NO audition fee. 
NO video submissions, we want to move with you in person. 

Just so you know…

Rehearsals will run 7/5-8/1
Performances 8/2, 8/3, 8/4

This is a professional PAID engagement. We expect professionalism in all aspects of the process. Bring it Home is a BIG commitment and it’s not for everyone. We will expect to be the most important thing in your life for the duration of the time period above.

All rehearsals and performances are held on Maui. 

If you are interested in auditioning please fill out this form

Name *
In general, what's the best time for you to rehearse? *
When we are scheduling rehearsals we try our best to accommodate conflicts. Rehearsals are usually three hours per piece, which means you may be called for up to six hours at a time.
Are there any days of the week you are not absolutely not free?
Bring it home rehearsals will be held up to 5 days a week.
How many pieces would you like to be considered for? *
There will be three new works this year, but the greatest number any dancer can be cast in is two. Committing to two pieces is a serious time and energy commitment. Please let us know what would be your preference.

Audition will be held at the Alexander Academy of Performing Arts.